about me 17 mexican bisexual she he + neos if close no they them, agender, gendered terms ok (fem terms > masc terms), spa/eng learning 한글
byf i tend to rant abt school and family problems, i often make kms jokes without tagging, i tweet abt whatever but mostly txt and my life, pls tag eds, sa, grooming and jumpscares tyyy, i tweet both in spa & eng !

dni -14 or +19, edtwt or mcyttwt, proana, invalidate neoprns, edgy, txt solo stan/akgae, u ship seriously, sexualize minors idk just dont be weird note: if u put anything related to edtwt on my tl ill hb u

loves<3: txt beomgyu & yeonjun ♡ + ot5 , alice in borderland, squid game, girl from nowhere, pink, sanrio, dramas, vtubers, make carrds

links: spotify whi prns page rentry

music: kpop txt, nct dream, i solo stan sunoo (not an akgae), red velvet, aespa, twice, after school, bol4, loona, itzy, stayc, day6, iu, heize

others: pinkpantheress, ourr, dean, dpr live, bibi, daoko, the marias, bôa, the volunteers, youra, keshi, cheeze, c.a.s, se so neon, oohyo

about me
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